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    Knott Worksのアクセサリーによってたくさんの絆が結ばれ、


    I wanted to make accessories that would reflect the ‘bonds’ between people like the ‘knot’s the thread.

    It’s from this image that this brand was born.

    Most of the products are a simple yet inspired design, that you can easily wear everyday.

    They are available in unisex sizes.(Children’s size can be ordered.)

    They are a popular gift to share with a loved ones, friends or family members.

    The brand name “knott” is derived from ‘knot’ or bond, with an added ’t’ to represent a ‘plus sign’.

    With this I hope it will strengthen the bond made.

    All of the products are handmade with great quality and love.

    It is my hope that you too can experience these special bonds and enrich your life.
    Live By Knott Works -リヴ バイ ノットワークス-
    Knott Worksが手がける雑貨・小物・インテリアアクセサリーライン。




    fashion and interior Goods line by Knott Works.

    These are standard items that can be used in everyday life.

    The word ’live’ has many meanings,

    And we are offering exciting items to suit your everyday ‘lives’.
    2018/2/22-2018/2/25  Aquvii TOKYO POP UP SHOP at 新御徒町

    2018/2/3-2018/2/4  RAW TOKYO

    2017/12/30-2018/1/2  Aquvii TOKYO POP UP at BROOKLYN NYC

    2017/12/2-2017/12/3  RAW TOKYO

    2017/11/25-2017/11/26  Marunouchi Street Market

    2017/11/ 4-2017/11/ 5  RAW TOKYO

    2017/10/ 7-2017/10/ 8  RAW TOKYO

    2017/6/16-2017/6/30  Creema Store ルミネ新宿2

    2017/ 5/ 6-2017/ 5/ 7  RAW TOKYO

    2016/ 7/ 1-2016/ 7/15  Creema Store ルミネ新宿2

    2016/ 6/ 4  映画「植物図鑑」公開 劇中の小道具(ペアキーホルダー)を制作提供

    2016/ 5/29  Yokohama Handmade Marche2016

    2015/10/31-2015/11/ 3  TOKYO DESIGN WEEK2015

    2015/ 9/ 6  GLOBAL SUNDY MARKET

    2015/ 7/25  Handmade in Japan Fes 2015

    2014/ 7/29  「Knott Works」としてブランドをスタート

    2012/ 6/11  アクセサリーの販売をスタート